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Raymond Bosworth

Raymond Bosworth

July 4, 1968

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05/28/13 06:28 PM #1    

Bill Slaughter

Ray Bosworth lived down the street from me our senior year at Mac.

We didn't run around too much together, except for "senior skip day" in 1963. We went for a long joy ride in his MG, travelling through our old haunts, which weren't too old in '63!

I only wish I got to know Ray better and longer. He was a nice guy. He gave me one, fond memory that May day in 1963.

The next time I saw Ramond Bosworth was on the Vietnam Wall in D.C., then again on the travelling Wall. He was one of the numerous KIA's in that senseless affair.

RIP Ray! Maybe I'll get to be given another tour in the MG when we meet again.


05/31/13 02:14 PM #2    

Robert Dullnig



At approximately 0810 hrs, 4 Jul 68, the D/1/4 Cav Scout Team led by Lieutenant Raymond P Bosworth flying in OH-6A tail number 66-7854, departed Lai Khe for the same area. At approximately 0850 hours, the command vehicle of B Co, 2/2 Infantry, hit a mine and took five casualties. When B/2/2 called for a medevac, MAJ Terry proceeded to their area and radioed LT Bosworth to do likewise. The two aircraft arrived overhead at the same time, both in descending right-hand turns but with Terry slightly behind, slightly higher, and slightly faster than Bosworth. Terry's aircraft overtook and collided with Bosworth's at an altitude of about 100 feet. After the collision, Bosworth's aircraft continued on the same general heading until it crashed into the ground and burned. Terry's aircraft continued in a right descending turn and crashed approximately 45 meters from the other aircraft.

Five men died in the collision - the three in Terry's aircraft and LT Raymond P Bosworth and SP4 Dirk J Westra in the second OH

06/01/13 12:20 PM #3    

Skip Malette

I went a movie while visiting in San Antonio and discovered that the theater projected a series of images of Vietnam casualties of local members of the military. I was stunned to see Ray's image on that screen. Will never forget that image.

06/02/13 10:44 AM #4    

William G. Carter

A VERY painful expereince was seeing Ray's name on THE Wall in Washington DC- tracing it with the rice paper and pencil that they thoughtfully provide you. He was the most UNLIKELY person to leave us so soon. 

Seeing Skip's post on how Ray died was painful- a life taken by a mid-air, rear-ender.  I am relieved by Skipper's post- likely it happened so quickly that Ray never knew it happend- i.e. he Did Not Suffer....

A stupid war we ALL opposed. The loss of a GREAT guy. 

Until about three weeks ago, I always thought that Peace was "the absence of war". My frriend Victoria always signs her emails with the word "PEACE". One afternoon, the word "PEACE" jumped out of the computer screen. It lodged itself IN MY HEART. 

I now think that there is a Synonym for THIS kind "Peace". It is "God's Love". I don't mean the "God" of churches, but the God that is in all things- that IS all things- that provides the Divine Intelligence that makes this whole  "Life Thing" work. 

We've all heard the phrase "to change the world, you must first change yourself". As a man who is surprised to have "PEACE" as more than a word- but now a thing that lives in me, I hope that there will be no more Raymond Bosworths- no one sent to kill his brothers because men in posisions of power have not found the way to allow Peace into their hearts....



06/04/13 04:05 PM #5    

Larry McCoy

thnx robert for the run down on ray...very detailed. tears to my eyes thinking of those men lost in that war . that one  war in particular cuz i easily could have been under fire dodging bullets as well, but i ended up lucky. the army sent me to language school/army security agency and i sat out the war....probably saved my dumb gung-ho life

while others died.god bless these soldiers of then and now ....AND GOD BLESS AMERICA not THE OTHER WAY!!


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